Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's raining in Knoxville today! It was pouring rain today when Madison came home from a friends house and decided she wanted to stand in the rain! And of course, we couldn't let her stand out there by herself so we sent everyone outside for a party in the rain in their pajamas! FUN! It was so fun, but so wet! Madison, was of course, out going, and plunged right into the rain! Matthew liked standing in it with a towel and then running through it, Nate, was adventurous and ran up and down the street in it! and Kiya was timid and scared at first, but as soon as he knew it was okay for his pajamas to get wet, he loved it too! Rain is always fun to play in! but especially in your pj's!  
                                                                Madison and Kiya in the rain!
Madison, sitting in the rain! In her pajamas! In the front yard!Matthew, Madison. Nate, and Kiya standing in the rain with pajamas on! 

Madison and Nate laying in a puddle of cold, wet rain! In their pajamas!!!!

       This is Kiya laying down in a BIG puddle in the cold rain! Madison and Nate are watching in amazment. :)