Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hooray! We have a COURT DATE!

We are thrilled to let you know that we officially have our first court date (and hopefully our last!). God-willing, on June 10, three precious ones from Ethiopia will legally become Hamiltons! Woo! Hoo! For this step, our agency (not us) will appear in Ethiopian court on our behalf and should the judge look upon our case favorably...we will become the legal guardians of N (boy, age 7), K (boy, age 4) and K (girl, age 6 months)...and the Hamilton family will officially be SEVEN! Incredible. Exciting. Humbling. Once we pass court, we can share their beautiful Ethiopian faces and names with you here on this blog! If we do pass court June 10, we are anticipating traveling to bring them home in early August!

We would covet your prayers for this court date as many families do NOT pass court on the first try...for various reasons. Please pray specifically for the following:

Regarding our court date/travel dates:

-that the family members and witnesses required would be able to appear in court

-that all the necessary paperwork will be there and perfectly in order

-that the judge will look favorably upon our case

-that the power would stay on (I'm serious...)

-that no unforseen hurdles would appear

-that upon passing court that God would clear the way to bring our children home His perfect timing.

Regarding our ET children:

-that they would KNOW the love of Jesus through their amazing caregivers at our agency's transition home.

-that God is preparing their hearts to be a part of the Hamilton family. :) It's gonna be a WILD ride, little ones!

-that they would have peace and excitement (even in the midst of their grief) about this HUGE transition in their lives. (They have known for about 4 weeks that they have a family in America!)

-that God would give their family members deep peace about their decision to place them for KNOW that He has amazing plans for these give them a hope and a future...

Regarding our home:

-that God would allow us to put the necessary time and effort into preparing our home (and our hearts) for these little ones!

-that we would not be overwhelmed with the physical and emotional tasks before us...but would enjoy the 'miracles of each moment' with M & M as we all four prepare to receive our newest family members!

-that M&M's excitement will continue to build as we prepare our home and approach our travel dates.

Regarding others who are on this path of Ethiopian adoption:

-peace and perseverence for our fellow sojourners who have failed court (some multiple times)

-that the new 'abandonment'/potential fraud issues would be handled wisely, yet as quickly as possible, by the Ethiopian government

-that no other crises will happen to slow down the work God is doing in placing orphans in loving families.

THANK YOU all for your continued prayers and support. This is a bumpy path with many potholes, turns and twists...your prayers have kept us on track and somewhat sane! :) Below is a pic of Madi (sporting her new cool glasses) with the care packages we recently sent to our children by another family traveling to Ethiopia. (sorry, had to blot out names and photos...) It was so fun to prepare the gifts, picture and notes for our brothers and sister!

So, that's it for now...we are taking it one day at a time and we can't wait to sit back and WATCH OUR GREAT GOD at WORK! "Greater things are yet to come....greater things are still to be done in this CITY!"

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