Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello, BEACH!

Yes, we are at the beach! (a previously planned vacation that we decided to stick with despite only being home from Africa for 7 days!)  The boys have adjusted so well so far that we decided to brave it gives us MORE quality time with Daddy and our older kids are encouraged to be able to do something we do every year...a little bit of normalcy is a blessing for all!  

So here we are at Rosemary Beach, Florida...with our good friends the Porters...and things are going well.  The kids absolutely LOVED the ocean and beach.  Their first words upon seeing the ocean was excited screams of "NEMO! NEMO! NEMO!"...yes, they have already watched the movie.  Hilarious! Upon arrival at the beach, we played and played and played...for 4+hours!  We videotaped their first reactions but our Flip is not downloading right you will have to wait! (sorry!)  Nate (Papy) was ecstatic to say the least...he screamed and jumped and played in the water non-stop!  He was so very brave and even boogie-boarded some.  Isaiah (Kiya) was more cautious but loved it a little at a time.  He enjoyed the sand, the fish that his big brother Matt was catching (more Nemos!) and laying on the boogie board at the edge of the water.  He played so hard he took a nap under the umbrella! 

We have a pool here at the after the beach...we played some more.  So fun!  Here are some pics!  Enjoy! (and thanks for your continued prayers...we feel them! )

Matt, the fisherman!

Hey, Matt!  Are those the Nemos you caught?
One sweet beach bum!
This bucket is heavy, Mom!
Nate (Papy) LOVES the waves!!!
Isaiah (Kiya) is not too sure about the water at first.

Kiya awaiting snack after swimming
Daddy in the pool with Nate, Madi and Matt
Nate and big sis in the pool!
Nate (Papy) and Isaiah (Kiya) explore the sand
Sand, sand...and more sand!
Matt, Christian and Nate (Papy)...boys having a blast!


Kim said...

Okay...if I leave now I can make breakfast for the crew. Looks like they will be in for more wave riding and sandcastle building. Oh. Shoot. I can't. I'll be in Uganda again :) :) :)

Emily Siren said...

You won't believe this - I just left Rosemary Beach today! I had been staying there for a week with friends. I bet we were on the exact same beach at the same time and I just didn't look around. Crazy!

So happy for you all. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


Eastiopians said...

What an amazing experience for them! Beautiful pics! So glad you all are doing well!


Donna said...

Just wanted to say that your boys are adorable, and the pictures are looks like you are all bonding perfectly :) I'm sorry that the little one can't come home yet, but wanted to reassure you. Lainey's TB test came back positive, and she was on an INH oral med for 9 months. She's fine now. Enjoy your almost complete new family!