Sunday, August 23, 2009

God Makes The Front Page!!!!

Only God could 'move mountains' to get the headline on the front page of our hometown newspaper, The Knoxville News-Sentinel! This article ran on the top of the front page of our Sunday edition with the large quote at the top: "We serve an amazing God." WOW! Go, God, go! May He continue to get ALL the glory for anything good that comes out of our journey!

You can read the article here:

Also look for the slide show on the same website for some more pics of our trip and our time since we've returned.

Lastly, please pray as I will be returning to Ethiopia Sept 13-18 to bring our sweet McKinley Kalu home at last. I am excited that my sister will be travelling with me. Pray for safety, health and sleep on the long flight! Also, we will be meeting our children's birth grandmother...we are so thankful to meet her and hope to be able to learn more of our children's heritage for them to know someday.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. The steps of our journey have not all been easy...but the challenges are definitely worth it and we know we are on the exact path God has called us to. He is growing and stretching and blessing us in so many ways.


Haute Mama said...


Joe and I are coming down for the UCLA game. I have TONS of clothes for you!!


Jean said...

Hey Beth ... I'd seen and read the article ... I continue to be awed by how awesome God is!! He alone is worthy of ALL the glory!! All praises to His great name!

Looking forward to meeting your sweet baby girl next week!



Erica said...

I found your blog through your friend Kim who I connected with through another friend. Small world!! Interestingly enough I read your story in the news as well. Praying for you as you return to Ethiopia. God is SO good!

Andrea said...

Beth & Family -

Martin Muse is always reminding me Kiya & Papy are now in America.

Safe travels on making your family complete.

Andrea Logue

linda templeton said...

Great news....Larry and I will be praying for you. We have a new baby boy in our family born Aug. 24 so Gi's been away sitting and enjoying grands for over two weeks. Our E dossier is now in the hands of authorities so guess the waiting game has really begun. We have another grand due in December. God has blessed us in so many ways. It's incredible. Will keep you in our prayers. Linda Jo & Larry T.

Tracy said...

Hey we are traveling together. Will you be staying at the guesthouse? I read your story in the Knoxville paper. I am the one who emailed you a couple of weeks ago about travel. We have some mutal friends. Hope to catch up in Ethiopia!! 2 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome article, Beth. I just found your blogspot exciting to hear your story again and again. I pray God continues to bless you, Mike and your family in the incredible journey!! Much love! Lori Young

Mary said...

Hey Beth, this is Mary Daniels, blast from the past. Get in touch with me. I have beautiful twins from ethiopia 18 months. let's find each other. mary