Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes, baby KALU is home...and we are alive!!!!

Ok, friends...I do apologize for the weeks and weeks of blog-less-ness (a new word?!). Those of you who know me well know that I am not the best at multi-tasking...and I tend to put off things until I have a big 'block' of time to work on it. Well...guess how many 'big blocks of time' happen in my life these days....yep... ZERO!!! Anyway, I'm having to get better at multi-tasking (an understatement!) and am learning to jump in and do a little bit at a time on projects. I am...back at the computer wanting to give you a little update before I get so sleepy that I can't think straight...
So...we are a complete family at last! Many of you know that Miss McKinley Kalu Hamilton (to be called Kalu) arrived safely home from Ethiopia on October 9, 2009. I can't believe she has been home 2 whole months! Wow! It has been a BLAST...albeit tiring for this 43 year old momma (and the 46 year old daddy!) She is doing well...sleeping 12 hours (THANK YOU JESUS!!!!), eating well, loving life and settling in like she's been here her whole life.
Her big sister and brothers ALL love her to pieces...and she seems to be the last bit of 'glue'
we all needed to feel complete and settled. She is a happy and active baby...and now
that she is walking all over the place...she really keeps us hopping.

In her short time in America she has already been to four UT football games, four basketball games, travelled to NC two times, been baptized, traveled to St. Thomas (the whole family went with the UT basketball team) and celebrated her 1st birthday! Thankfully, she has adjusted fine to our 'on the move' family. God knew she would be the 5th child in this crazy family...and he has given her the laid-back but adventure-loving personality to be able to survive and thrive in it. :)

While the boys' have been sweet and attentive to baby Kalu (well, as attentive as boys can be!), I must take this little opportunity to brag about what an INCREDIBLE big sister Kalu has in Madison. Words cannot express the sweet relationship these two have...and how much Madison is shining as a loving, caring and VERY fun big sister to Kalu. We have been careful not to make Madison feel like she has to be a 'second momma' to any of the kids...but her genuine love for Kalu and her helpful spirit have been a TREMENDOUS blessing to all of us. And how precious to watch her grow and mature through this journey. God is so good!

We all continue to be 'stretched' in this journey and it hasn't all been easy...but it is all very very GOOD. And most importantly...God has been faithful at every step...providing just what we need at the right times. What sweet gifts He gives!

Enjoy the pics!

Kalu is ONE! ...not sure about this cake stuff...

Oh, I get it now...I'm supposed to WEAR the cake! FUN!


Madison and Kalu sure have some HANDSOME brothers!!!!
(Looking sweet in their traditional Ethiopian clothes for the baptisms!) Madison and Kalu 'talking on the phone' in St. Thomas!
Bathing beauty!
Fun pool time with Daddy in St. Thomas!


Not a Hamilton...but a new friend (or foe?) we met in St. the pool!!!
Mom and St. Thomas....GO VOLS!!

Madison, Jen (our friend and 'nanny'), Kalu and Kiya...picking out a Christmas tree!

Can't say enough about how AWESOME Jen is....she is SUCH a gift from God to our family...and I personally call her 'my sanity!''s almost midnight...and I need SLEEP! We love you all and hope you are enjoying and savoring this Christmas season. Blessings!


Tracy said...

Oh my goodness! They are all so very beautiful! Loving all the pics!--- I could just eat precious Kalu up! JOY JOY JOY!! I know you are non-stop--- especially with all that traveling! Merry Christmas!!

Julie said...

Love Love Love the picture! What a cutey she is and how sweet to have such a great big sister. Thanks for satifying this blog stalker!

sallee said...

SO SO SO excited to see Kalu!! in her POPPY DIP :)
makes me smile!! please send me more photos :)
blessings and Merry Christmas

Karen Martin Maher said...

Beth-She is sooooo cute-you guys look sooooo happy!!!
Thanks for the update!!!

Andrea said...


Congratulations on having all members of your family home!

Also, Mr. Hamilton - Congratulations on Tennessee's big win over OSU! As a Hoosier living in Buckeye Country, this puts a huge smile on my face!

All the best,
Brian, Andrea, & Martin Logue

Freda said...

Hi, Hamilton Family! We've enjoyed your blog before and should have commented way before now. Our dear next-door neighbors here are from TN and gave us a newspaper clipping about the gala event in April and your beautiful family. You all look wonderful, and the way you're "getting the word out" by personal example is inspirational. We're blessed to know you! even if we aren't frequently in touch. Love from all of us to all of you!