Saturday, November 1, 2008

God is IN the details, people!

What do these two things have in common? One is our invitation to the Shaohannah's Hope Fundraiser and the other is our government-appointed time to have our fingerprints done for US Immigration purposes (a.k.a. our adoptions). Read on to find out how they are linked...and how God reminded us again today that HE IS the GOD of EVERY DETAIL!!

For our home study, we have to get our fingerprints done locally (for state) and by the USCIS (Dept. of Immigration). We were told we would get "random" appointments from the USCIS...could be in NC, Nashville or Atlanta. They even might give Mike and I different states/days. Anyway, we got our appointments today in the mail and you won't believe this: They are BOTH in Nashville on Saturday, November 15...the exact day we are already going to be there for the Shaohannah's Hope dinner! God is so good! Just when I start asking (once again...), "Are you SURE, Lord, that we are on the right path with this adoption thing?" He sends ANOTHER billboard for this little dumb sheep to say, "YES, YES, YES!" Isn't that so cool? He is so faithful...even in the smallest of details. I love that!
BTW, we would covet your prayers for the November 14/15 weekend which we will spend learning about the ministry of Shaohannah's Hope (and, as you now know, getting our fingerprints done!). SH is the ministry of Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman that raises funds to assist families with the financial burden of adoption. Of course, that is a passion we share, but we believe God is leading us to take a more active role in promoting and assisting others to be able to adopt. We are essentially attending this weekend to soak up all that is going on and to hear God's leading about what role He would have us play in helping others be able to adopt. So pray for open minds, teachable hearts and listening ears. Thank you!

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