Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thoughts from the Facetious

These are just some random pictures from Madison. Some are cool, some are crazy, some are funny, ans some are just, well,.... You'll just have to see. In the first picture you can tell I am in DEEP thought. In the second, I hate clowns, so I am probably about to smack this guy. Third picture, I am in attack mode. You DO NOT want to see me in that mode. And third and fourth pictures, we go to a drive-trough zoo and this is what we get! Two insane llamaa and a bitten thumb. Yes, it was mine. It might be a little voilent, so it is not shown.Plus it is a little embarrasing. It's like "What happened to your thumb?" "oh, I got bit by a deer" "oh. Ha! ha! ha!" So any ways I hope you like the pictures.b

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