Friday, June 12, 2009

We get to wait a little while longer...

Hi to all!
Sorry it has taken all day to get to you...I was at a ladies' event for UT Football that lasted 8am to 2:30pm...which was good to keep me distracted! It was quite entertaining to see women of all ages enjoying the new football coaching staff...they were especially taken with Lane and Monty! So fun!

We did not pass court today. Our agency's words: "Things went well at court but there are a few more documents needed from the orphanage, so we have rescheduled again for next Friday, the 19th". (So get those prayers going again next Thursday night, June 18!!)

While we are disappointed, we are thankful for only a one-week delay at this point! Many families have to wait several weeks to get a new court date. Also, some procedures may be changing that would allow us to still travel in early we may regain that week in the end. Regardless, we trust WHOLLY in God's sovereignty and in His goodness!!! He has purpose in ALL we will trust, and wait a little longer...with purpose! :)

We so appreciate and covet your prayers as we continue this journey. We have continued to feel 'covered' and 'carried along' by the prayers of the saints!!


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